About this Site

This website was realized by GIORDANO BERTI, Italian writer, historian and teacher of Esotericism in Art.

The site is dedicated to one of the most mysterious Tarot decks of the history, the SOLA-BUSCA TAROT, produced in Northern Italy in 1491 and faithfully reprinted, for colours and sizes, by WOLFGANG MAYER in Germany in 1998.

Taro Sola-Busca POSTER EN


Giordano Berti is worldwide known as an expert of Tarot history, but he is author of many books about different argouments on History of Esotericism (magic, divination, witchcraft, alchemy, astrology, heresies, gnosticism, heaven and hell) in relationship with Art.

Some of Berti’s books are translated in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish and Japanese (see the specific page of his website).

He has also organized numerous exhibitions devoted to various esoteric topics, including Tarot, and oversaw the publication of catalogues.
In addition, Berti had personally designed many new Tarot decks that have been painted by contemporary artists (see the specific page of Berti’s website).
In 1986 Berti began studying the Sola-Busca Tarot, which has published numerous articles and wrote the historical introduction to the book of Sofia Di Vincenzo: Ancient enlightened Tarot. Alchemy in Sola-Busca Tarot (“Antichi Tarocchi illuminati. L’alchimia nei Tarocchi Sola-Busca”, Lo Scarabeo, Turin 1995, and US Game, Stamford 1998).
Sola Busca Tarot by Sofia Di Vincenzo and Giordano Berti (US Games, Stamford 1998)

Sola Busca Tarot
by Sofia Di Vincenzo and Giordano Berti (US Games, Stamford 1998)

Is under preparation a study by Giordano Berti on alchemical meanings of Sola-Busca cards, with precise references to the art and esoteric literature.
In 2015 Giordano Berti started the RINASCIMENTO PROJECT joining a group of “creatives” with different skills – cultural, artistic and technical – that collaborate to create esoterical works of art inspired by one of the most extraordinary cultural seasons of Western Europe (see the catalog page of Rinascimento website).




7 thoughts on “About this Site

  1. Un´amico Messicano:
    Ciao, mi chiamo Alejandro Hernandez e ho un Tarocchi la SOLA-BUSCA TAROT ma non ho l´intruzzioni per fare la lettura. Lei puo aiutarme per favore per capire como fare la lettura.
    Grazzie y buona fortuna.
    Non parlo benne l´italiano, ma civediamo pronto.

    • Holà Alejandro, grazie per la tua richiesta. Quale versione hai dei Tarocchi Sola-Busca? L’unico mazzo completo, fedele all’originale è quello stampato da Wolfgang Mayer nel 1998. Nel box che ho fatto costruire per questo mazzo ho inserito le istruzioni. Forse possiedi una versione “non ufficiale”?
      Giordano Berti

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